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We specialize in Commercial Construction, with an emphasis on planning, value engineering, cost analysis, scope of work, project quality, functional utilities, and of course safety precautions.


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By utilizing proficiency in construction and project management, construction supervisors improve job efficiency. Commercial construction managers truly try to represent the owner’s plans, as well as oversee the construction development from the first shovel down, to the last light switched on. Architectural blueprints, engineering decisions, contractor expectations, and more, from the initial design stages until project achievement.


Why Construction Management?

Cost Management

Each construction job size has a different and unique financial plan, and Invictus CM is accountable for the accomplishments of preparing, assessing, funding, and regulating the costs of the budget.

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Time Management

Commercial construction plans are always varying in overall size and blueprinted designs. During the development, we always consider the owner’s concept of the project, the tentative date of completion, allocation of responsibilities when required, and in certain cases the proper construction project management software.

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In commercial construction, proper communication is essential for success. Whether it be in between project managers, laborers, architects, engineers, supervisors, or any field required, we strive to coordinate effectively.

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Saftey Protocols

With our commercial construction management team, our project managers negotiate and connect with every subcontractor in regards to contracts, licensing, jurisdiction, and of course insurance.

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Value Engineering

Our evaluations of practices, equipment, facilities, essential services, and supplies for providing required functions, are dependent on cycle cost.

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Quality Supervision

Quality supervisory plans are initiated to guarantee that the building, during the entire construction process, meets our specific set of standards. Prior to the building being presented to the owner, our quality can be evaluated by following our own specific standards and procedures.

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Our approach is modern and becoming more relevant than the design, bid, build approach.  We prefer an integrated configuration of all involved parties (the owner, architects, general, and subcontractors).  This method of construction management can streamline the entire project from breaking ground to delivery. It is also proven to reduce instances of communication failures, contracting mistakes, and uncomfortable rework, and it increases efficiency in the industry.


The next step in commercial construction is design.  When the overall scope and budget is projected, the owner will show Invictus how they perceive the structure to look in appearance. We then move forward with communication between subcontractors, all the while ensuring that the owner’s vision for the building is not only attainable, but feasible. Architects help a great deal during the design phase, supplying 3-D models, blueprints, and other designed elements.


Our project managers, along with all of the specialized subcontractors and supervisors, then monitor every schedule and budget in the construction phase. If, for example, the owner desires changes in their vision of the project, we allocate time and resources to discussing and exploring the communication, new costs, and time management.


In the final phase of our commercial building process, Invictus and the owner perform a walk through of the building.  We verify that the owner is satisfied with the completed work. Coupled with the closing inspection of standards and specifications, we exhibit the finalized development. During this last phase, the owner collects all of the required documents and paperwork to guarantee successful operation of the building.

Construction Management Made Easy

The partnership between Invictus Construction Management, owners, and subcontractors is crucial in the movement of a successful commercial building project. We are successful in construction management for five reasons.  We adhere to the very best practices using cost and time management, communication, safety protocols, and quality supervision.  Get in touch today!


“Working with Invictus was the smartest move for my company.  Nate’s dedication to quality was proven time, and time again.  I would recommend them to everyone for all commercial construction management. “

Chad B.


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