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About Invictus CM

Commercial construction management, also known as commercial construction project management, uses industry standards to make building and construction developments successful. These practices include planning, cost analysis, scope of work, project quality, functional utilities, and of course safety precautions.

By utilizing proficiency in construction and project management, construction supervisors improve job efficiency. Commercial construction managers truly try to represent the owner’s plans, as well as oversee the construction development from the first shovel down, to the last light switched on.  Invictus organizes everything for you. Architectural blueprints, engineering decisions, contractor expectations, and more, from the initial design stages until project achievement.

Small Scale

Small projects under commercial construction management are involved by rebranding or reimagining.  The focus could be as simple as renovating the interior of a building. Projects revolving around rebranding and reimaging are fairly straightforward, such as lines of new paint, flooring, small roofing, and a lot more.

Medium Scale

Medium projects are defined by the owner’s desire to expand, or in some cases renovate their buildings. This could be due to the building itself having issues, or due to the growth and expansion of a company. Examples of medium-scale projects can include reforming, expanding, or revamping buildings.

Large Scale

Larger projects currently have no existing foundation or structure.  They need to be managed by professionals with experience. Instances of large-scale projects are high-rise buildings, consisting of several floors, and sizeable warehouse structures. Proficiency with these categories of projects is crucial because of the consideration of every detail in regards to budget, labor, and safety.

Why Choose Invictus

The partnership between Invictus Construction Management, owners, and subcontractors is crucial in the movement of a successful commercial building project. We are successful in construction management for five reasons.  


Cost Management


Time Management




Safety Protocols


Quality Supervision

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