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We specialize in Commercial Construction, with an emphasis on planning, cost analysis, scope of work, project quality, functional utilities, and of course safety precautions.



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Frequently Asked Questions

How does Invictus work?

A mass amount of commercial construction projects are the end result of a predetermined bidding process. This process, of design, bid, and build, is one approach that arises when the owner hires an architect.  From there, the project does not have a contractor appointed.  The designation occurs during the end stages of design. Once the architect shows the finalized design, the project owner will take bids from contractors for the work.

Our approach is modern and becoming more relevant than the design, bid, build approach.  We prefer an integrated configuration of all involved parties (the owner, architects, general, and subcontractors).  This method of construction management can streamline the entire project from breaking ground to delivery. It is also proven to reduce instances of communication failures, contracting mistakes, and uncomfortable rework, and it increases efficiency in the industry.

How does the project end?

In the final phase of our commercial building process, Invictus and the owner perform a walk-through of the building.  We verify that the owner is satisfied with the completed work. Coupled with the closing inspection of standards and specifications, we exhibit the finalized development. During this last phase, the owner collects all of the required documents and paperwork to guarantee the successful operation of the building.

Does Invictus have safety protocols?

With our commercial construction management team, our project managers negotiate and connect with every subcontractor in regards to contracts, licensing, jurisdiction, and of course insurance. Invictus is tasked with the opportunity to make sure that the whole jobsite has the proper coverage and insurance, which in turn avoids liabilities and claims. We also strictly follow all city, county, state, and national laws.

Where do I start?

Contact us today for more information!  We would be happy to consult your options on your next big project.

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